Our Story so far…

Farming Partners was created by a group of professional farmers who came together to farm on a number of dairy and heifer rearing farms in Scotland and Ireland. (Head over to Our Farmers for more about them). A shared passion for grass based farming and its benefits has proven to be a foundation for success…

Having started with one dairy farm in Ireland less than a decade ago, we will be milking on 8 dairies in Spring 2023 ranging from 300 to 750 cows on each farm as well as rearing over 1500 young stock on a centralised unit in Scotland.

The growth of these farms has allowed members of the team the opportunity to grow their own dairy farm business, where they now run a Farming Partners farm and share in the profits of their farm.  Operated to a high standard they are highly profitable in good milk price years, remain profitable in low milk price years also. 

We love the way we farm and while this approach sounds simple, working with mother nature and the various seasons takes a lot of determination and skill. We have invested heavily in our farms to allow us to do this efficiently, we’ve also invested heavily in ourselves to have the skills to do a really high-quality job on our farms.

The business model is a partnership-based approach where land owners become ‘partners’. These land owners are passionate about their farms and want them well farmed.

We have people who have the skills to run a grass-based system with a track record of delivering consistent profits. We believe in the future of farming and invest in farming when we have the opportunity and resources to do so.”

We are always looking for more ‘farming geeks’ to join the club. If you think you have what it takes to be a farmer, contact us.