Students at Farming Partners

We are proud to have hosted students in previous years, including on placement in Scotland during our 10 years here and are keen to continue giving students opportunities.

Some of the students who joined Farming Partners on placement are now full-time team members and have shared an integral input into our journey over the years. 

The Experience

The experience is challenging, however we hope and believe that this will give students a real understanding of life as a dairy farmer (warts and all).  The fact that a number of students who completed their farm placement with us are now full-time members of the team/team leaders will tell you the quality of experience they have had. 

For the duration of their time here a placement student becomes a full team member, being given exposure to all aspects of a spring calving grass-based dairy, they will also have an opportunity to sit down with the business owners to understand the structures & finances behind the farms. 

Our core values look to the future, both our own and that of our team. People are a key priority at Farming Partners, with regular training and skill set investment.  Our team are highly professional cow and grass fanatics who really enjoy sharing their wealth of knowledge, achieved through education & practical training in New Zealand, Ireland and the UK.

Are you up for a real challenge and want to push yourself to develop and learn?

For more information please contact Maureen on 07926491178 or email CV to